Optimized Healthcare Logistics

Customized routes prioritizing patient care and cost efficiency

Using data analytics, AME designs optimal route efficiencies that maximize cost savings without sacrificing patient care. Additionally, our proprietary proof-of-delivery software, PharmaTrac, gives access to live tracking and peace of mind – so you know where your package is, each step of the way.

Long Term Care Pharmacy Services

Dedicated routes & on-demand deliveries

  • Dedicated Routes: Routes are scheduled to meet client needs, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All-Med Express specializes in route optimization to offer time-sensitive and cost-efficient service to your healthcare facilities.
  • STAT Deliveries: AME is available 24/7/365 for emergency medical courier deliveries.
  • Line Haul Transfers: AME can transfer bulk materials to or from your healthcare facilities.

On Site Healthcare Management

Liaison between the pharmacy client and medical courier driver pool to manage healthcare logistics needs

Medical Courier Service Professionals

Qualified, trained medical delivery experts available 24/7

Medical courier contractors providing delivery services for AME clients are vetted to ensure safety, security, business reliability, professionalism, and business-to-business independent contracting for the healthcare logistics industry.

Disaster Planning

Protocols in place to help you weather the storm and ensure medical courier services can be implemented

All-Med Express realizes the importance of continuous operations to our clients. We have disaster response protocols in place to help keep your site running in the wake of a natural disaster. During recent disasters (snowstorms, hurricanes, flooding), AME arranged delivery of critical medical supplies and healthcare personnel to affected areas to enable clients and drivers to maintain operations.