About Us

When it comes to pharmacy delivery services, All-Med Express (AME) knows the last mile is the most important mile.

Our team is the heart of our company, serving long-term care and home health clients with respect and compassion. We deliver value through a culture of care and logistics solutions that are optimized for each individual client.


Founded in 1999, All-Med Express is an industry leader of customized, patient-driven solutions for the LTC pharmacy, home health, and specialty pharmacy markets.

Leveraging expertise in logistics, distribution, operations and technology, the AME leadership team has created proven, data-driven solutions with a focus on optimized patient care. Serving 11 states throughout the Southeast and East Coast, AME is an innovator in the industry, known for cost-efficiency, safety and reliability. Co-founder Bruce Griffin serves as Chairman of the Board with day-to-day operations managed by directors Angelo Vespi, Ilisa Griffin and Jennifer Vespi.


Angelo Vespi

Lead Dog

As AME co-founder and CEO, Angelo Vespi brings extensive knowledge of all facets of internal operations and logistics. Previously, he was Director of Purchasing for a Long Term Care pharmacy. Angelo’s foresight into the service professional business has led to innovations as PharmaTrac, a custom delivery software platform that specializes in the healthcare sector.

Ilisa Griffin

Money Pup

CFO Ilisa Griffin manages the financial health and course of the business and develops the processes required to run the company. Previously, she worked for a major financial institution where she oversaw both personal and business loan processing, business products and personal investing.

Jennifer Vespi

People Pooch

As Chief Human Resources Officer, Jennifer Vespi is responsible for executing AME’s human resource strategy in support of overall business planning and growth. A member of the AME team since 2005, Jennifer manages human resources policies, practices and operations and oversees the 700+ vendors who comprise AME’s contractor pool of pharmaceutical/medical delivery couriers.