Dedicated Customer Service

All Med Express has developed a reputation for top level customer service and support. Our main goal is to provide not only this level of service to our immediate customers, but to extend that to your customers as well. Rather than building a centralized call center and staffing it with individuals unfamiliar with your staff, All Med Express has a dedicated site manager at larger customer sites that handles all on call emergency delivery requests, day to day service requirements, Service Professional staffing and training, and constant visits to facilities to ensure our high level of customer satisfaction is met.

All Med Express Corporate Office is also available 24/7, and what we mean by available, we mean that ALL of our staff can be reached and all of our personal contact information is provided to your staff and available day or night for immediate assistance.

AME also offers services not usually provided with a standard delivery service, such as Cart DoctoRx, a service that provides med cart service and repair that is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Long Term Care Pharmacy Distribution

At All Med Express, we have all of your needs covered.

Dedicated Routes

All Med Express operates dedicated route deliveries non stop, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

All Med Express professionals are always available to assist in providing the most optimized routes that will offer the quickest service to your facilities, all while keeping the cost down at the lowest to you.

STAT Deliveries

All Med Express dispatch managers are on call to provide the fastest turn around response to get your emergency deliveries to the facility asap. Our dispatch and service professional core are available day or night to ensure the quickest delivery.

Line Haul Transfers

Need to transfer bulk materials to another location? All Med Express has you covered with our Line Haul Transfer service.


On Site Management

Every pharmacy has a dedicated manager assigned to their account and is accessible 24/7. Lead service professionals are also present to ensure timely route departures.


Service Professionals

All Med Express service professionals are always professional, courteous, and most important, on time! All Med Express performs several functions before a service professional is certified and begins work.

Extensive background checks All potential candidates are screened under the most extreme protocols. Criminal / Law Enforcement records are pulled as well as Motor Vehicle Records
Drug testing All new hires are tested through a national testing laboratory. In addition, random drug testing is performed continuously.
ID Badges All service professionals are required to properly display their ID badge at all times while on duty.
Uniforms Our service professionals are professionals. Our service professionals always present themselves in a professional manner and come dressed for success in an All Med uniform.
Insurance All service professionals are required to carry certain levels of personal and commercial insurance coverages. All Med Express also requires its service professionals to participate in an additional liability insurance fund when services are retained.


Hazardous Materials Handling

As part of the initial training, our service professionals are provided training on the handling of hazardous materials, and how to present and return such items.


Disaster Recovery

In the past, several clients serviced by All Med Express have been hit by series of hurricanes, which effectively knocked out power and communication utilities and also affected transportation due to lack of fuel. Without blinking an eye, All Med arranged to have the necessary supplies brought to the storm ravaged areas, and also assisted our customers in keeping their pharmacies running by providing fuel for generators and to our service professionals, as well as food and water.

All Med Express realizes the importance of continuous operations to our customers, and have defined an in depth procedure to help keep your site running in case of any natural disaster.