Proof of Delivery

In 2003, All Med Express recognized the future need of a proof of delivery service for the LTC industry to assist in optimizing the efficiency of our customer’s staff and to provide an easy to access and operate online site to access proof of delivery data.

The result of this foresight was developed and introduced as the first Proof Of Delivery (POD) application designed specifically for the Long Term Care industry. The first generation of the program was released in 2004 and has been continuously improved upon since.

Over the past few years, AME has continued to improve on its custom platform, introducing new features such as interfacing with pharmacy management systems such as Docutrack, FTP interfaces, and industry specific features not found on over the counter proof of delivery software.

Our reporting suite is designed to offer detailed delivery information captured during delivery along with electronic signature capture.

AME continues to work with our partners in providing the best level of proof of delivery service possible, and is extremely proud of its software environment and its capability for customer specific customization and reporting features.